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WinNc for Windows 10
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WinNc is a tabbed file manager developed for Windows 10. (Still downwards compatible with Windows 8 and 7).
This NC clone file manager is inspired on the dual panel concept of the old file manager Norton Commander.

WinNc, Norton Commander Clone file manager for Windows 10

Buy WinNc and all features and with your registration name and serial number (digital license key) updates will be unlocked in the WinNc config panel:

– Disable the splash screen for faster startup
– Adjust theme, fonts, colors and visual settings
– Get updates for registered users (stable minor version updates)
– Get access to support, questions forum and faqs
– Use auto conformations
– Download 154 colors icons folder pack
– Use other theme’s
– Adjust the WinNc layout
– You support our development team

Your key will be valid for all updates v9.x versions of WinNc.
(Note: please check your spam/junk folder after the payment. Your serial/key might get stuck in the there)