Norton Commander keyboard shortcuts

WinNc – Norton Commander Keyboard Shortcuts

Key         Action

F1         Help
F3         View
F4         Edit
F5         Copy
F6         Move / Rename
F7         Create directory / Mkdir / Make Dir
F8         Delete files
F9         Calculates the size of the selected files
F10         Quit
F11         Attributes
F12         Compression
ALT+F1         Select a drive for the left panel
ALT+F2         Select a drive for the right panel
ALT+F4         Quit
ALT+F9         Create shortcut
ALT+F10      Exit Windows
SHIFT+F3      Select external viewer for selected filetype
SHIFT+F4      Edit in notepad (also for system and hidden files)
SHIFT+F5      Encrypt files
SHIFT+F6      Decrypt files
SHIFT+F8      Delete to trashcan

NUM +         Make / add selection
NUM –         Remove from selection
NUM *         Invert selection
NUM /         Go back to the root
Backspace      Up one directory

CTRL+Enter      Inserts the selected filename on to the commandline
CTRL+F12      Split files
TAB         Switch between panels
Random Letter      Start typing in the commandline / Jumps to the first letter of the file or directory
INSERT         Selects one file or directory in the panel
ENTER         Changes directories
Starts an application
Opens the associated program
Starts the commandline in the command prompt
Merges splitted files together
Opens a compressed file

Esc key      In the viewer: Exits the WinNc viewer
CTRL+R      Reread directory
CTRL+E      Repeats the inserted information in the commandline
CTRL+S      System information
CTRL+F      Find files
CTRL+B      Add files or directories to the backuplist
CTRL+C      Copy files to clipboard
CTRL+V      Paste files from clipboard to active directory

In the Norton Commander mode:

CTRL+ALT+Char(s)   Press CRT + ALT and one or more character(s). WinNc will scroll the active panel to the filename(s) starting the selected character(s).

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