WinNc Specifications

Supported files:

CD Audio Track
You can rip cda files by copying them to a disk.

Intel Video Technology
.aif, .aifc, .aiff

Macintosh AIFF Resource
.asf, .asx, .wax, .wma, .wmv, .wvx, .wmp, .wmx
Windows Media

.avi, .wav
Windows formats Windows

.mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .mpe, .mpv2, .m3u
Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
You can extract mp3’s to wav using the .

.mid, .midi, .rmi
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Quickview uses WinNc’s internal to view the selected file in the other panel.

Editor for textfiles.

Zip and Mailto function
Select a number of files and/or directories you would like to zipped and then mailed.

Calculate Size
Calculates the total size of the selected files and directories.

You can secure your files using the WinNc encryption method.

Prints all the selected files using their host application.

Compare directories
Here you can compare two directories.

Compare files
Here you can compare two files.

Synchronizes including subdirectories.

Compare Text Files
Compares two text files.

Find Files
Here you can search for files using wild cards and search strings.

Create Shortcuts

Format Disk
Formats a floppy drive.

Connect Network Drive
Connects a network drive as a drive-letter.

WinNc can unpack compressed files with the following extensions:
.ZIP / .ARJ / .LZH / .RAR / .CAB / .LHA / .GZ / ._** (MSCOMPRESS) / .PAK / .ACE

Create self-extractor
WinNc can create a self-extracting file from a zip-file. This self-extractor can easily be used by users not familiar with Winzip, WinNc or Pkzip.

Fix Corrupted Zip File
Tries to fix a corrupted zip file.

Split Files
WinNc can split (big) files and merge them. This way you can easily transport large files on floppy (1.38 mb) or by email (e.g. 2.72 mb).

You can also use the BAT file WinNc created. The batch (BAT) file can be run on any other machine. WinNc does not need to be installed for a batch merge.

Compress wav to mp3
WinNc can compress WAV or directly to MP3.

Extract CD to mp3
WinNc can rip (extract) audio cd and encode them to WAV or directly to MP3.

Play mp3 Selection
WinNc can play playlist in the Winamp format.

Create mp3 playlist
WinNc can create playlist files in the Winamp format.

Create Backup
Simple but effective backup from the files in the backup list.

WinNc is able to copy, move, etc files to a machine / webpage connected to your network (intranet) or to the Internet using the “File Transfer Protocol”

CD-Burn and DVD Burn
WinNc.Net is able to burn cd’s and dvd’s data compilations. Audio feature will be available in the future


Beta Languages

Greek (under construction)
System Information

Display information about e.g. processors and memory.

Displays information about your drives.

Calculate “slack” information
You can calculate slack information on your hard drive. Slack is lost space on your drive, because of files that are written in a cluster that is bigger then the file. You can have one file per cluster. The rest of the cluster is unused.

Displays information about your screen resolution and screen color depth.

Version information
Displays information about your Windows version and registration name.

Here you can compare your computer to a standard computer. More then 100 means your computer is faster than our standard computer.

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