Dual pane file management is synonymous with productivity and ease of use.

Dual pane filemanager

Norton Commander Windows 8Dual pane file manager WinNc is a Windows File Manager which acts as a nice alternative to Windows Explorer. It has a tabbed dual pane interface which makes which makes browsing and working with files/folders much simple and easier. It also has a lot of built in viewers for different file types. File browsing is snappy, even when exploring shares on a local area network. WinNc’s panes can be displayed in thumbnail and file mode and an extensive set of hotkeys is built-in for those who prefer mouse-free computing. WinNc’s interface isn’t overly-complicated and it still sports a nice set of features in a small package.

Dual pane for faster file management

It combines comfort, speed, and power in the most natural way, namely by letting you look at the contents of two folders side by side. If you are new to Dual Pane you will quickly get used to it. If you come from a “Norton Commander” style background then, of course, you can’t even breathe without Dual Pane. Now with version 6, the switch to WinNc is possible for you, and you may never look back!

Download WinNc for free >>

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