WinNc – Norton Commander for Windows 8 / 7


Changes in WinNc (03-01-2014)

– Fixed scaling issues in FTP settings and progress bar and other small items.
– Fixed scaling issues in NetConnect form
– Fixed Splashscreen stay on top issue

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File Size: 14324kB / 13.99MB

Release Date: 03/01/2014

Release Status: Major
Cost: 40 $US / €29,95

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Changes in and

– Added: Editor copy to clipboard maintains format
– Fixed: Solved issue in empty synchronize list.
– Fixed: Cache unopened tabs to speedup loading/saving.
– Fixed: Incorrect icon size read-out at 125% screen scaling
– Fixed: Compare folders selects older version instead of newer.
– Fixed: Switch update mode results in get latest update action
– Improved: WinNc scaling in scaled Windows.
– Added: Online serial validation
– Added: Windows 8 Modern UI skinning implemented
– Added: Option to configure location of WinNc data folder in registry (see WinNcDataFolder.reg)
– Added: Icon for create file list menu item
– Fixed: Added item in menu for create file list.
– Fixed: Display name of shortcut in favorites (instead of dereferenced name).
– Fixed: Create file list also option to copy to clipboard.
– Fixed: Project info panel sizes to picture size.
– Fixed: Focus problems in explorer drop down prevented
– Fixed: Favorite issues on Windows Vista and XP
– Fixed: Hide display indicator in favorites properly
– Added: New visualisation for search results path in panel
– Added: Option to display file size in bytes in panel
– Added: New switch in options panel
– Fixed: Bug with filters in move files
– Fixed: Display indicator when preloading favorites
– Fixed: Time stamp rounding in FAT Improved.
– Added: Option to display long time format in panels (including seconds)
– Fixed: French translation updated (thanks to Marc Champion)
– Added: Remember compression settings
– Added: Favorites panel (Ctrl-I) and drop down
– Fixed: drag with full row select only when selected
– Added: New operation type to write file list to a text file
– Fixed: Help engine improved
– Fixed: Zebra grid appears on new state tab.
– Added: Decompress here (Ctrl-F12)
– Added: Archive and remove files afterward (Move to archive)
– Fixed: State tabs have now fixed folders (always returns to pinned folder)
– Added: Zebra rows possible by selecting a color for it.
– Added: Num ‘/’ jumps to root.
– Added: Folder size cache keeps information also for child folders.
– Added: Hint system for WinNc starters
– Fixed: Show group label in header dropdown menu
– Fixed: Translations for the “user defined” option in layout
– Fixed: Font preview is not translated
– Fixed: Folder size cache doesn’t work on names with ‘=’
– Fixed: Saving changes for a number of setting categories doesn’t work
– Fixed: Icon for “Elevate WinNc” in Options Menu
– Added: First time startup wizard based on new configuration
– Fixed: Translation signing – Added: Option to create symbolic links in create shortcut operation
– Fixed: Writable folder check shows chk.tmp, which is hidden now.
– Fixed: Translations in new configuration dialog
– Added: FTP CHMOD added (under attributes – F11)
– Fixed: Saving some configuration option issues.
– Fixed: Rename files in zip
– Fixed: Deleting file in zip queries password.
– Added: File operations checks for Admin rights and asks for elevation
– Fixed: Select update type in new WinNc Settings fixed
– Fixed: Default theme text changed and made bold
– Fixed: Select default theme issue – Improved: Network connect (Ctrl+N)
– Improved: Viewer and editor settings added to new setting dialog
– Added: Filter presets – Added: New settings system
– Added: Gradient skin Win8 style
– Added: Update bar text changed
– Added: FTP mode ANSI code pages supported
– Added: Themes and layout
– Added: Files in project panel loaded threaded (speed-up)
– Added: Tab styles – Added: Gradient theming

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