WinNc minor

windows-app-winnc Version | Added on 28-03-2014 | Filesize: 14,00 MB

Minor release. Version for registered users. (available through updater when using a registered copy of WinNc)

Changes in (28-03-2014)
– Updated: Fix loading serial key

Changes in (28-02-2014)
– Updated: Russian language updated (thanks to Igor Pavlov)
– Updated: Simplified chinese updated (thanks to Mr Wydery)
– Fixed: Numerical overflow in hash calcultion of editor (x64)
– Fixed: FTP option “-al”
– Added: New FTP advanced dialog
– Fixed: 7z overflow issue (x64)
– Fixed: FTP disconnect highlights last open FTP configuration
– Fixed: Splash screen hot spot URL issue
– Fixed: Scaling of operation dialog fixed
– Fixed: Scaling of info panel in project tab improved
– Fixed: Minor issues fixed
– Fixed: scaling issues in FTP settings and progress bar and other small items.
– Fixed: scaling issues in NetConnect form
– Fixed: Splashscreen stay on top issue

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