Dunes’ releases the latest version of WinNc with a 25% sale coupon:

WinNc – A Norton Commander Clone for Windows 10

windows-app-winnc Version | Added on 22-05-2020 | Filesize: 9.71 mb | 64 bit version (default) 

Major release. Distributed version with the latest bugfixes. Download Norton Commander.

Changes in (22-05-2020)
– Fixed moving files from search results
– Natural sort of extensions
– Fixed sorting of identical date/time
– DPI Issues in panel fixed
– License Registration web issue fixed
– License Registration info simplified and button added
– Shortcuts and menu items for panel sorting (ctrl+shift+1..5)
– Shareware tips issue fixed
– Quick Locate option to clean up the index
– Quick Locate order issue fixed
– Quick Locate delete entry issue fixed

Coupon code: RELEASE93


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