Upgrade a registered WinNc (v1.0-v4.8) to v6.x for € 10

Upgrade WinNcAll registered users of WinNc are entitled to an upgrade for € 10 to the latest version of WinNc 6.x. Registered v5 users should receive the update through the updater. Did your mail account change since you purchased WinNc? Are you a registered user and did you not recieve an update yet? Please sent a mail to support@winnc.com stating your registration name, registration date, full name, address and key. (Or as much infor as you can find) We will sent you a mail with instructions and add your new mail address to the registered users list.

What do you get when you upgrade your license of WinNc:

Upgrade WinNc 6 and all features and updates will be unlocked in the WinNc config panel:

– Disable the splashscreen for faster startup
– Adjust theme, fonts, colors and visual settings
– Get updates for registered users (stable minor version updates)
– Use autoconformations
– Download 154 color icons folderpack
– Use gradient theme and modern UI theme
– Adjust the WinNc layout
– You support our development team


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